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By using subdomains (or redirects) the owner of this domain name can readily employ a variety of three word domain phrases such as better.into.best. These would be instantly clickable in social media like Twitter. The domain name also offers potential as a stand alone site. The domain name is registered until Mar 13, 2020 (that transfers with the domain name to the new owner) and after that renews at standard .best extension rates. The Estibot automated estimate of worth suggests a value of $710 for this domain name, while GoDaddy GoValue suggests a worth of $1280. The term ‘into’ has sold 18 times as the prefix part of a domain name at an average price of $1220, and 16 times as a suffix at average price of $2796 (NameBio data). The term ‘into best’ yields about 15 billion Google search results.

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